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Hello and welcome to Mama Coops Kitchen!

I’ve been cooking since I was about 5 years old and so cooking is pretty much part of who I am. I consider myself to be more of an experimental cook than a rigid recipe follower.?

This has many great pros: If I don’t have a key ingredient I normally can think of a suitable substitute and if I don’t like something in a recipe I tend to leave it out.

?Unless of course it’s a key ingredient. My son once asked for a lasagne ~ but ‘without the pasta’ It took me months if not years trying to convince him that you couldn’t actually have lasagne without the pasta. We still chuckle about this today!?

The cons of being a bit of an experiemental cook is that I find it almost impossible to recreate a recipe because I’m never quite sure exactly how big a dollup of this or shaking of that I put in the last dish.?

But normally it works out well in the end. But the key point is, I have access to thousands of ideas for making great tasting food that I can share with you so you too can be set free to make your own tasty, homecooked food.?

I hope this website will feel like you’re having a chat with me round my kitchen table rather than being particularly prescriptive and cold 🙂 Like cooking with Mama really should be.

Any Questions? Don’t hestitate to get in touch

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